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The Author’s Guide to Twitter: 280-characters Edition

Warning: Hacks for Hacks tips may have harmful side effects on your writing career, and should not be used by minors, adults, writers, poets, scribes, scriveners, journalists, or anybody.

Recently, Twitter allowed some users to write tweets of up to 280 characters instead of the usual 140. Issues like harassment, online bullying, and potentially inciting nuclear war are important, but they had to wait so Twitter could make sure jerks like me would have more sand in their sandboxes, apparently. It is my gift, it is my curse. I take this responsibility very seriously, and I feel a certain noblesse oblige to help other writers who have been or will one day be granted this awesome power. If you’re an author, a writer, or just someone willing to visit this website and click the banner ads, it is your solemn duty to read this column and learn how to wield your words effectively in this expansive new landscape.

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From eBooks to cBooks – new eBook format combining the best of book and film in an exciting new story platform.

Guest Column: Screenwriter and film producer Nick Fletcher and creative author Elsa Evripidou talk about the creation of the new cinematic book ‘Monsoon Tide’

Imagine a product where you can access a character’s backstory, inner thoughts and motivations but you can also see and hear the people, locations and action with the immediacy of a film.  With a cinematic book or cBook you read a chapter on your e-reader and then click to view the ensuing clip which propels you to the next chapter and so on.  The story is therefore revealed, half in a written and half in a film format.

Reasons for it:

  • We have all had the experience of watching beloved novels become slightly disappointing feature films because some of the intricacies of the original story and the insights into the characters have got lost in translation.  The cBook means that this depth of background can be retained whilst at the same time exploring some wonderful cinematic possibilities.
  • In our view, e-books are, for the most part, merely replicating conventional books in an electronic format.  As a result, they are losing market share to the old style printed books.   E-books, however, can do so much more.  There are many audio-visual, gaming and interactive possibilities which could be added to e-books and could perhaps appeal to new audiences.
  • As avid readers ourselves, we were naturally concerned that the cBook might be seen as a dumbing down of literature, taking people away from the joys of reading and immersion in a story.  However, English teachers have been very enthusiastic about the concept, seeing the possibility to attract reluctant readers into the wonderful world of literature.  The clips can act as motivation… reading a few pages will be rewarded with a visual treat.  Also, a cBook story (akin to a 300 page novel) can be read in under two hours.

Who should consider making a cBook?

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How to Build a Social Media Sales Funnel That Sells

How do you make strangers trust you enough to buy your product?

A long time ago in a century far away, a marketer named Elias St.Elmo Lewis came up with a brilliant answer. His theory was that you could turn strangers into raving customers with a “funnel”: a series of steps the customer follows, each one leading them closer to purchasing your product.

According to Lewis, people follow these four steps before they’re ready to buy.

  1. Awareness: you need people to become aware that your product or service exists.
  2. Interest: people need to be intrigued enough to read your ad or click to your website.
  3. Desire: inertia is the marketer’s greatest hurdle. You need to get people to express interest or curiosity in your product.
  4. Action: people need to decide to take the next step, whether calling your sales team or adding a product to their cart.

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7 Signs It’s Time For You to Create an Online Course of Your Own

55 years ago, a timid, unassuming high school student changed the world forever.

After his uncle had been killed by a burglar, he took it upon himself to hunt down the perpetrator. Soon after starting his search, he found the burglar, and as they stood face-to-face, he realized something …

The criminal was someone he’d seen before. In fact, the teenager had the opportunity to stop the burglar before, but he had failed to act.

Now, if you’re wondering what this story has to do with starting an online course, here’s the tie in:

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You Can Boost Blog Traffic Using These Simple Blogging Tools


Blogging is so flexible and allows for a lot of creativity and exploration, but losing focus all together can cause trouble. Here are seven tools for bloggers to stay productive and improve blogging experience.

If you’re starting to get serious about blogging, it always helps to have an editorial calendar and an idea of where you want to take your blog. So planning is a must-have technique for every blogger.

Today I thought I’d share the nine tools I use every single day as a blogger. For me, these are the must-haves in my blogging toolbox!

Blog Topic Generator

Some writers would not admit, but many struggles when it comes to creating titles for their work. Titles are important especially since readers would look at the titles before they even spend time looking the first part of the text. With Hubspot’s blog topic generator, you no longer have to think as to what blog title you should use. You can just provide the files with nouns that you want to write about, and the platform generates relevant titles that you can use.

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Make Money Blogging – 15 Things You MUST Do On Every Blog Post

It’s no secret bloggers are earning a full-time income. A common question people often ask how bloggers make money? Beginners have a question in mind, “How can I make money with my blog posts when I have low page views?” In this blog, we have covered many times how bloggers making passive income and how you can earn too.

Do you write a blog post and click publish?

What are bloggers? What do you think about them?
Most of the people think bloggers are just a writer. But NO! Writing is just a tiny part of blogging. Bloggers are an entertainer, teacher, marketer, designer, creative thinker, advertiser and so on…. The list is really big if you try to define a blogger’s qualification.

Just writing and publishing won’t make you money. You need to do many more things to get revenues from blogging. You have to grow your blog’s audience to increase its income. So you have to do a certain thing before and after publishing a blog post.

Make sure your blog adds value to your readers so that they will return and perhaps become one of your loyal customers.

15 things you MUST do on every blog post:

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How to Double Blogger Requests for your Book #h2e

Penny C. Sansevieri's picture

You probably have found lots of discourse on the publishing industry that boils down to one thing – it’s hopping. We certainly talk about it a lot, what with more than 4,500 books published every day.  That said, book bloggers are still reviewing and promoting books – and some books still generate a lot of buzz.  If you haven’t tapped into the buzz yet – and want to know why, then we’ve written this article for you. Pitching bloggers, while not difficult, can be intimidating. Whether you don’t know how (and we’ll teach you), or you don’t like rejection, rest assured, book bloggers really do want to know about great books! So here are some of best practices for generating blogger interest!

Why Live Video Needs To Be Part Of Your Visual Marketing Strategy #h2e

Apparently, 2017 will be the biggest year for video marketing yet. In fact, video is expected to take up over 70% of all internet traffic by the end of the year, with video consumption increasing more than 100% from 2016.

But with these numbers comes a big change. We are now seeing a shift from pre-recorded video (of the kind seen on YouTube) to live, raw video feeds.

While pre-produced, traditional videos are still very popular, live video is definitely on the rise.

5 Easy Steps to a Successful and Effective Blog #h2e

Blogging is one of those tasks for an author that gets a bad rap. It’s chalked up to something you have to do but don’t really see the point.

Kind of like when you were a kid and your mom would tell you to do something and you’d say, “But whyyyyy?” And she’d respond with a “Because I said so!”

When it comes to blogging, the best reason comes in the answer to “why”.

There are five important reasons for putting time and effort into a blog:

7 Things to Consider Before Starting a Blog via João Lello

7 Things to Consider Before Starting a Blog

So, you’ve decided to channel your creative and thoughtful mind into starting a blog. Congratulations! Making that commitment is the most important step in setting your blogging dreams in motion. It’s now time to start your blogging adventure!

But, Where do You Begin?

Diving into something new (especially if you’re not quite sure how to start) can be daunting and intimidating. Rest assured, we are here to help you with your journey. Before you begin, we want to take you through our unique guide that is geared towards helping you make the best of your blog.

I think it’s safe to say, as bloggers, we all want the same basic outcomes. They are to:

  • Have fun!
  • Have our voices heard.
  • Become a part of a community.
  • Help others and possibly our-self’s as well (financially, that is).
  • Learn new things in our area of interest, as well as pick up some new skills.
  • See an opportunity or dream come to life.

Although anyone can start their own blog and all these objectives are within your grasp, you need to keep in mind, it takes time, dedication and the willingness to learn new things in order for your blog to be a success!

Don’t Worry, it’s Still Going to be Fun!

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