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5 Ways to Get People Talking About Your Brand, Both Online and Off

Across continents and generations, research shows that the recommendations of friends are trusted more than any other form of advertising. People love to hear, watch and share stories with the people who matter most to them. The Story feature on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and even Google encourages users to share their choices and experiences more frequently than ever.

Rather than interrupt those stories with ads, your brand can become the topic of these stories—if you deliver an experience worth sharing. The main factor that drives these experiences is not the size of your staff or marketing budget; it’s something we all possess: creativity.

Below are five key touchpoints to consider when creating your strategy to spark shareworthy stories about your brand.

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How To Fix A Broken Book PR Campaign

Are you underperforming when it comes to getting book publicity and if so, what can you do about it?
In order to fix a problem, you need to properly assess it.  Identify, thus far, your book PR campaign’s strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities. What areas have the potential for success – and which ones have proven to be unviable?
Underperforming doesn’t just mean you aren’t achieving results that you hoped to achieve or even thought reasonably possible to obtain. It means you are below expectations or the norm.  You know you can still do better. So how will you fix this mess?
Start by identifying what has worked so far.  Think about why it worked.  Continue with that approach.  Was it the angle pitched?  Wasn’t it something you did to convince others to cover your book?  what was the method used to reach the media (phone vs. mail vs. in-person vs. snail mail)?  Did you have a connection that was leveraged?  Was there a tie-in to the news cycle?
Then look at what hasn’t worked.  What could be modified or overhauled about your approach?
Next, look at upcoming opportunities. Are there upcoming story angles that you should utilize, given the news cycle or holidays or honorary days that are coming up to tie into?
Sometimes an under-performing PR campaign needs to have goals or revised ones – and it needs a rededication or commitment to achieving them.  Will you spend 20 minutes a day on PR?  An hour?  Two hours?
Another area to explore is that maybe you need help.  Are you prepared to hire someone to help you market and promote your book?
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Who Reads Your Book? How Knowing Your Reader Can Help

As authors and writers, we are always looking for new ways to connect with readers. In spite of countless ‘how to” posts and training programs, no one has, as yet, produced a consistently successful method for growing a following and selling books to new readers.

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9 Things Amazon Secretly Launched that Can Help All Indie Authors with their Book Marketing

Amazon is always changing things up. And that’s why it’s important to always be watching for what’s new. Especially if we’re in book marketing mode (and aren’t we always?), making the most of Amazon is a great way to spend your time. So fair warning, some of the things I’m mentioning here are good, some are less so. But regardless, they will all affect all of us who are in the throes of promoting our books. And as a side note, many of these do affect indie authors more so than traditionally published.

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A Free Way for Authors to Engage with Readers on

BookBub Recommendations: A Free Way for Authors to Engage with Readers on BookBub.comA Free Way for Authors to Engage with Readers on

Readers love getting book recommendations from people they trust. In fact, close to 50% of BookBub’s members say it’s one of the primary ways they find new books to buy.

Millions of BookBub members already get recommendations from fellow readers on, but many have told us they want to hear from their favorite authors as well. So we’re excited to tell our partners about this free way to engage with fans! Posting a recommendation on is a great way for any author to interact with their followers in a positive, friendly, book-focused environment.

Sharing a recommendation on BookBub helps authors:

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15 Reasons Why Your Book Isn’t Selling

15 Reasons Why Your Book Isn’t Selling

book marketing

We’ve all been there: a book we were excited about, one that we worked on earnestly.

But when it hit the market, all that came back was a big yawn.

No author wants to be in that situation, most of all a self-published author. We gamble our own time, money, and commitment to our books, and we really need a positive response sometimes just to keep going.

But there it is: your baby isn’t selling.

What went wrong? Is it something you can fix, or is it embedded in the DNA of your book, a flaw so grave it can never recover?

Take a look at this list and see if you’ve been guilty of any of these oversights.

And don’t feel too bad, we all make mistakes, miss important road signs, get confused on the journey to publication.

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How Authors Can Amplify Their Small Audience


There is no such thing as a small audience.

Anytime there are eyes on you – on social media, within your newsletter list, on your blog – no matter what the number, you have something to work with.

Now, I’m not trying to be the “forever optimist” and just give you warm fuzzies about your book marketing. If you have one newsletter subscriber, you’ve got something to work with.

If you have a small audience, you’re actually in a fantastic situation.


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6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Podcasting as a Content Marketing Channel in 2018

Podcasting has numerous benefits, however, producing an ongoing podcast is a hard nut to crack. It takes more effort than simply clicking ‘Record’ on your smartphone and then uploading it online.

According to a recent Edison Research report, around 98 million US citizens are listening to podcasts annually, with more than 50 million individuals listening to them on a monthly basis. Indeed, the present podcasting explosion has been presaged as the ideal age of podcasts.

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Beginners Guide on How to Video Blog on a Budget – Part One

Video is a powerful and effective way of presenting content.

Not everyone has the innate ability to write blog posts or enjoys putting pen to paper.

Finding your “online” voice could mean video blogging, or communicating through images and PowerPoint  presentations on social media networks.

Video bloggers such as Gary Vaynerchuk have used online video as the media of choice to great effect.

But many bloggers are intimidated by the technical side of producing a good video. At the same time, many bloggers that do use video do a pretty bad job of it in terms of production value. This could be improved with a little knowledge and a little money. more:

Choosing a Book Excerpt

Choosing a Book Excerpt

Authors have a lot of blind spots when it comes to their own books. Writing the book turns out to be the easiest part of all the other stuff you have to do. A lot of authors have trouble selecting a passage to feature as a book excerpt. I believe there are two major reasons for this.

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