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 Is it Possible to Publish a Book For Free?

By Colin Dunbar

Short answer: Yes and No.Can you publish a book for free?

Duh, that’s not an answer.

I agree, so…

In this article we’ll look at where you can self publish your book, and what goes into self publishing. Then we’ll see if you can really publish a book for free.

If you decide to go the route of traditional publishing, there are zero costs upfront. Thus, if you go this route you can actually publish a book for free.

But… (always a but)

You should realize that it’s very difficult to land a traditional publishing contract, as an unknown author. And you will still need to invest the time (or even possible costs) of establishing your author platform

4 Things You Should Know About Book Review Blogs #thecreativepenn

Reviews are essential for book marketing – they provide social proof that our books are engaging and reader-worthy. They also have an effect on the algorithms on bookseller sites.

Book review bloggers provide an essential service for writers looking for reviews.

But there is a right way and a wrong way to go about approaching these professional readers about your book

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20+ Ways To Grow Your Blog In 2017 – Part 2

This series aims to provide tips and tricks for the omnipresent question bloggers ask? How do I grow my blog? For Part 1, click here.

Blogging for business is all about creating an image, and to grow your audience, you want that image to please your customers. For Part 2, I curate and elaborate on techniques and tools for being active in your community AND forming relationships: the most rewarding marketing tactic in this digital age

Guest Blogging for Authors:  How NOT to Query a Blogger… 

Guest Blogging for Authors:  How NOT to Query a Blogger…and 10 Tips for Doing it Right

Want to land a guest blogging gig? Don’t clown around. 

by Anne R. Allen

Marketing gurus will tell you guest blogging is one of the best ways to get your name out there to sell books and/or writing services. And they’re right. Here are some reasons why.

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But the gurus don’t often tell you how to land guest spots. Or how to find the best ones to reach your readers

Guest post: #Facebook 101 for authors #buildbookbuzz

Today’s guest blogger, Joel Pitney, is a writer, filmmaker, and book launch specialist. He offers book marketing services and custom author website design. There’s lots of “Facebook 101 for authors” information to absorb, so you might want to bookmark it so you can refer back to it later. 

Facebook 101 for authors

How to Set Up a Facebook Author Page for Beginners | #Repost via @IndiesUnlimited

New post on Indies Unlimited

How to Set Up a Facebook Author Page for Beginners

by Big Al

facebook logoA while back, I wrote an article here on IU which laid out the basics of Twitter. This post does the same for Facebook with an emphasis on what an author would need to setup an “author page” for their marketing and promotional efforts.

I’m going to assume you’re able to find your way to Facebook ( and sign up for an account. As I did with Twitter, my contrarian nature means I didn’t do any of the things Facebook wanted me to when setting up the demonstration account I’ll be showing here. Really you should consider doing all of what they suggest. If you didn’t, you’ll get a page that is almost a blank slate with the top looking a lot like this. Read more of this post

The Ultimate Guide – Chapter 14

Greats tips and tricks to getting your book marketing game on!

Author Don Massenzio

Your Best Marketing Tool – Write Your Next Book

This chapter is about the activity that most of us probably enjoy the least, marketing our work. This is more than just posts on Facebook and Twitter. This is the part of independent publishing that I dread and that is the most cumbersome. To say you are an independently published author really means that you are taking on two full-time jobs, that of a writer and of a publisher.

I’m sure most of us would just like to write and ignore the marketing. Unfortunately, if you want to gain exposure, this is an unavoidable aspect of what we do. For the mundane marketing tasks, such as posting to Facebook and other social media outlets, I try to be efficient without spamming social media. Social media does have the word social as part of it. Things like automation and cut and paste marketing…

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Spend Less Time Marketing by Setting Up Social Media Outpost Channels 

If you’re an author who is struggling by trying to be all things to all people on every social media channel, then I’ve got some good news: you really only need to be engaging on one social media site to set up an effective marketing presence…  

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Author Blogging 103: Guest Blogging, or How to Write for Exposure

Everyone agrees that authors should be blogging to promote their carers, but no one can agree on exactly how or why one should go about it.

There’s loads of outdated and bad advice out there, including posts telling authors to writie to SEO keywords as a way of selling books, counterproductive and just plain bad advice on how to find sites for your guest post, and even posts that are long since out of date but still rank high in search results for “author guest blog”. (And then there is all the great advice intended for bloggers, advice that doesn’t quite mesh with authors’ goals.)

I was reading some of that bad advice recently when I realized there was very little good advice on this topic. (You can find links to several good posts in the comments of this blog.)

So how exactly is an author supposed to go about guest blogging?

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