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10 Data Sources That Self-publishing Authors Should Update Before Year End

“As indie authors, whenever we launch a new book, we spend a lot of time and effort choosing and inputting marketing-friendly metadata about our new books on our accounts with our chosen distributors, such as CreateSpace, KDP, Ingram Spark, and Draft2Digital.”


#Marketingtip: Link your blog posts to @Goodreads and @Amazon


 A blog is a great way to let your audience know what you’re up to. Making sure it’s linked to the right websites and resources is key to making it successful.

‘Serve More’: #FutureBook’s Bracing Message @PorterAnderson Media #repost #selfpub

As we head into the new year, there are things we should start to look forward to and as always anyone in the literary world should look to Porter Anderson for knowledge.

Check out the latest post on his site about the future of the book…

‘Serve More’: FutureBook’s Bracing Message

Speakers at the 2016 FutureBook Conference in London emphasized putting disruptive technology to work for book publishers and readers.The FutureBook Conference plenary room awaits its audience, December 2, at 155 Bishopsgate in London. Image: Porter AndersonThe FutureBook Conference plenary room awaits its audience, December 2, at 155 Bishopsgate in London. Image: Porter Anderson

By Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief | @Porter_Anderson

‘The New World Is Demand-Management’

A funny thing happened on the way to the future: the book didn’t get left behind, after all.

That’s a functional if simplistic interpretation of what the more-than 550 attendees at The Bookseller’s annual FutureBook Conference in London on Friday (December 2) found themselves hearing. Now deep into the digital shakedown, the industry seems to be coming to terms with an analog-plus-digital concept for the foreseeable future.

“People who succeed in this age will be those who marry digital and analog.” — Andrew Keen

The tone captured by Bookseller editor Philip Jones and his staff—several of whom, including Lisa Campbell and Sarah Shaffi, moderated sessions on Friday—points to an industry no less engaged in changing times than before, but less panicked at the prospect.

Read more at:

What is your literary challenge for the month? #marketing #writing #reading #publishing #December


I’m always available to answer questions for you because it may be the questions millions of other authors are trying to get answer and the answer we come up with could help not only you, but others as well.

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How To Best Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO via @badredheadmedia 

How To Best Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO 

How To Best Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO, BadRedhead Media, Rachel Thompson, @BadRedheadMedia

When I talk with authors about optimizing their blog posts for SEO(Search Engine Optimization), most look at me as though I’m speaking in tongues. And maybe I am: SEO is a different language when you think about it. Authors aren’t socialized to learn this stuff. It’s only through understanding the importance of book marketing, and how SEO fitsinto our author platform, that we realize, “holy shit, this optimization stuff truly does have an impact — maybe I should take it more seriously,” and so we do.

Well, some of us anyway.


What is Blog Optimization

How Podcasts Let Authors Discover New Audiences #repost

How Podcasts Let Authors Discover New Audiences 

authors, podcasts, marketing, salesLaunching an indie book can be a daunting endeavor. An author has so many options for marketing activities that it’s practically impossible to do all of them. Author Jenny Blake tried. But all that work took a toll.

“I crashed three weeks before the book came out,” she said.

So for her second book, Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One, she took a different strategy. “My mantra now is ‘Let it be easy, let it be fun.’”

Blake’s most enjoyable marketing tactic is podcasting, so when it came to planning the publicity campaign, she decided to focus on podcasts as her main activity

Should you buy an ISBN?

Great research and reading

How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks

ISBN BarcodeISBN is for International Standard Book Number, issued by a select agency in the nation where the publisher resides. You’re probably familiar with 10 or 13 digit ISBNs appearing on the copyright page or above the barcode on the back of a print version book. The barcode just identifies the ISBN and may or may not include a price.

Even though ISBN is a number corresponding to a book, it has more to do with the publisher and edition than the title and author. For example, the same ebook could have several ISBNs for different retailers selling it, and it would need another ISBN for a paperback version and yet another for a hardcover or audio book. A separate version is needed for the ePub file compared to the mobi file. Or if you change the trim size of a paperback, like from 5 x 8 inches to 6 x 9…

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Cheap Book Advertising for Indie Authors frm #writingbytheseatofmypants

I simply loved this idea from writingbytheseatofmypants blog and needed to share this with you.

Her links are awesome and if you have a small budget I just know you’re going to enjoy this too.

Final Advertising Pic

Update: 12/6/21015

Several of these advertising sites have changed their policies since the publication of this post.  Please be sure to go to the actual website and read carefully the terms and conditions before signing anything.  ~Rachel Rueben

Recently, we had a discussion on the podcast about marketing and the subject of advertising versus PR (social media) came up.  One of the guests who had a background in marketing said, “Many authors buy Facebook ads and don’t sell anything.”  She went on to explain that PR and marketing were different animals and not many authors know that.  I agreed, though I had to come to that conclusion the hard way.  I too advertised on Facebook, and Goodreads then wondered why I got no return on my investment.  I quickly learned that the best places to advertise are in email newsletters but not all of them are cheap or indie friendly, so I went on a quest to find affordable and effective advertising.



While you’re there, check out her free PDF as well! Awesome Resource

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Self-Publishing Hacks No One Tells You About

Watch “Productivity For Creative People With Mark McGuinness” on YouTube

#Repost: @Amazon’s New Pre-Order Policies Give Authors More Flexibility via @IndiesUnlimited

New post on Indies Unlimited

Amazon’s New Pre-Order Policies Give Authors More Flexibility

by RJ Crayton

Amazon pre-orderAmazon recently made some changes to their pre-order process that give authors more flexibility.

Back in 2014, in what was considered a great leap forward for self-published authors, Amazon provided the ability to offer books for pre-order. Previously, only big publishers had that option on Amazon. While this was a great move, the pre-order process on Amazon had some strict requirements. Book files had to be uploaded ten days prior to the book’s on-sale date, and if you missed the deadline (either because you failed to finish the book or because you simply forgot to check the box saying it was the final copy of your book), Amazon canceled your pre-order and you were banned from doing preorders for an entire year. Read more of this post