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10 Truths About Content Marketing You Need To Know 100 #Jeffbullas #h2e

It was one of those days. My computer had stopped working.

Do I call the manufacturer and get them to step me through the trouble shooting process for that fix? I decided that maybe best to just turn it off and on first. Three minutes later the frozen screen is replaced by a working laptop.

Problem fixed.

Then I tried to login to the internet. I was met with that message….”website can’t be found…please check your network diagnostics“. I knew the solution. Restart the wireless router that was sitting in the corner of the office.

So… is a truth about machines.

It’s that most of them start working again when you turn off the power for a few minutes.

So here are some truths about content marketing.

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Ebook Piracy – What To Do If Someone Steals Your Book #KindlePreneur #h2e

You’d be amazed at how many websites have pirated or claim to have pirated your book.|

There it is…sitting there, being given away for free….

Content Marketing Equates to Visibility and Increased List Size via @kathleengage #h2e

Most experts who conduct business online and offline know increasing their subscriber list size can equate to increased revenues. Increasing your list with qualified leads takes more than simply adding numbers.

It takes a targeted effort including knowing who you want to reach, where they are at, and getting in front of them in a way that establishes your credibility.

It also takes consistent, and ongoing, effort. One of the best ways to position your expertise is through content marketing.

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” Full article click here. 

The idea is to get your content seen by as many people as possible who have an interest in your information.

There are lots of ways to do this with some of my favorite being…

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This is the Reason Content Marketing for Writers Matters #h2e

Content marketing.|

It’s not a term most writers are familiar with, likely because anything with the term ‘marketing’ in it makes us want to run away and cower in the safety of our tried and trusty pens and pads. Besides, we are writers. We want to create art. Why do we need to do any…

Newbie Writer Mistakes via @IndiesUnlimited #amwriting

Newbie Writer Mistakes

by Melissa Bowersock

beginning author mistakes slip-up-709045_960_720As an editor and proofreader, I have the opportunity to read quite a few first attempts by aspiring writers. I can absolutely relate to having a story to tell, to having characters take my brain hostage until I agree to set their story down on paper. At the time, it might seem that my only choice is to comply or go crazy. That’s how compelling and/or desperate the urge can feel.

So I applaud all of you newbie writers. I applaud you for having the guts to actually do this; to fight the doubts, the fears, the second guesses, and write your story down. Many people feel they have a book in them; only a fraction of them actually start to write. Of those, only a fraction of those finishes the book. And, of those, only a fraction commit to getting the book published. If you’re still with me, you’re in a very small, very special minority. Congratulations.

However, there is one tiny little fly in the ointment. Read more of this post

.@Amazon Keywords That Pull In More Buyers #h2e

If you’re an indie author, you’re also in the business of book marketing.|


Did you know that?

That’s the first thing you need to know about the publishing industry. Writing great books is only the first step – and with 4,500+ books published each day, getting readers is the hardest part.

Finding a way to set YOUR book apart from the pack isn’t always easy.

Amazon Keywords that set your book apart from the pack! via @bookgal #amazonhacks
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Luckily, I can tell you how to make it happen.

Amazon keywords. You may be surprised by how often they are under-utilized. By using them correctly, you can draw potential readers to your topic and, ultimately, sell more books.

But as with all tools – you must know how to use them correctly and effectively. And the “trick” here is understanding how you pull in buyers.

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The Value of Consistent Book Marketing #h2e

From my years in publishing, I find many writers expect to have instant success.|

While they may not say it verbally, they show this expectation in other ways. It makes sense since we live in a fast-moving, instant message world. One of the ways I see this expectation is in contract negotiations with new authors. In the details of the contract sometimes writers try and narrow the length of the contract to two or three years. I understand their desire but I often end up explaining that books sometimes take several years to take off and reach the public. At Morgan James Publishing, we’ve had a number of books with modest sales in the beginning, but the author consistently works at marketing and spreading the word about their book. These authors try multiple approaches to reach their audience. Then almost without explanation, their book begins to consistently sell in large numbers—month after month.

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Is WordPress Still the Best? @wordpressdotcom

I am a huge fan of WordPress.

I’ve run my business on it for a decade, recommended it to thousands and feel eternally grateful for what it’s allowed me to do.

But is it still the best option?

As you might have noticed, the blogging scene has changed a lot in the last five years.

There’s free platforms like Tumblr and Medium that are now absolutely booming and doing things slightly differently.

Squarespace, the ultra-sexy hosting service (and podcast industry mega-patron!) is everywhere and is pretty awesome too.

Then there’s the fact that a lot of people blog on social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook and that seems to be enough for them.

Today we’re going to take a look at whether WordPress is still the best bet for bloggers and website owners who are just starting out.

As always, I’d love your comments below.

Every platform has it’s own advantages

One of the first things to note here is that each platform will have some features and advantages that are lacking in the other platforms.

When you’re looking to start a blog or website it’s important to note these features because one something that’s important to you might be completely irrelevant to me.

For example, if you write a blog on LinkedIn you’ll enjoy the fact that it’s pretty easy for all of your contacts to see the articles that you write, and everyone who reads it will be pretty targeted to your niche. Try to integrate a product to sell or a mailing list, however, and you’ll be pretty stuck.

So, when reading the rest of this article please note that the evaluations are made based on what I consider to be the most important features and options for running a successful blog.

So, what does WordPress have going for it?

How to Optimize Your Amazon @Author Central Pages (Don’t Forget the Int’l Pages) @janefriedman #h2e

Today’s guest post is by Penny Sansevieri (@bookgal), CEO and founder of Author Marketing Experts.|


She recently released 5-Minute Book Marketing for Authors, from which this post is adapted.

Most authors have learned by now that it’s critical to have a great Amazon book description and metadata. But incredibly often, authors don’t take the time to also leverage their Amazon Author Central Page as a sales tool. And it could hurt your sales, especially as you develop your reader base. Readers tend to use Amazon to look at an author’s complete list of books, so by optimizing your Author Central page, you’ll find that you draw in more repeat readers than before. Perhaps exponentially so!

Every author, regardless of when or what they’ve published, has an Author Central page. But many authors have not claimed theirs. If you’re not sure you’ve claimed yours yet, head on over to Author Central. You can access it using your usual Amazon login credentials. Even if you are traditionally published, you still have an Author Central page.

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