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Book Marketing: Using Amazon Ads to Grow a Newsletter List 📦 #how2ebook

Sylvia’s Notes: Im always saying go for the free first and FIRST establish a newsletter of some kind before starting to BUY a following. 

In the last few months, I’ve been playing with Amazon Ads and they are a great way to get traffic to your books, resulting in more sales to targeted audiences. 

But they can be used for more than just sales, as Alexandra Amor describes in today’s article.

As an independent author, you probably know that building your newsletter list is of primary importance.

A list of subscribers who have read and liked your books can be one of the most powerful tools in your book marketing tool box


Kobo Acquires Shelfie Technology 

/ 11 hours ago

Kobo has just announced that it has acquired Shelfie, a service that was built to enable customers to get free or discounted eBook versions of books in their print libraries, and get recommendations based on print books they already own. The deal includes technology assets, IP, and the infrastructure on which the ecosystem runs; it also includes hiring Shelfie’s skilled team, which specializes in the application of big data and machine learning for book discovery.

Shelfie ceased operations this January. Kobo worked with Shelfie to offer its customers the opportunity to transfer their eBook libraries to Kobo’s platform, ensuring they would continue to have access to their digital books. Over the coming months, Kobo will work to integrate the Shelfie platform into its Android and iOS apps, enabling readers to add their print libraries to their reading history to generate ever more tailored eBook recommendations, as well as the option to get digital versions of print titles they already own

Book Launches: Budgeting for a Bestseller 

This is the part during book launch planning where Negative Nancy’s and Debbie Downers usually come out to play. They’ll tell you that a book marketing program involves costs you can’t recover. They’ll tell you it takes big teams and big bucks to see any kind of return on your investment (ROI). They’ll tell you it’s not what you know but rather whom you know that gets results.

Well, tell that to the growing list of self-published wordsmiths who are killing it in sales and blasting their way up bestseller lists with almost no money and zero connections. Ask the likes of Hugh Howey, Mark Dawson, Nick Stephenson, Joanna Penn, and Amanda Hocking whether they started with big budgets and relationships with influencers.

We’ll save you the time: you’ll hear a resounding “no

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The Single Best Way to Become a Mega-Author 

Image via Flickr Creative Commons sourtesy of German Poo-Camano

A lot has changed in the digital age of publishing and, with gatekeepers no longer in sole control over who is published, we’ve seen a rise of the virtual Wild West. Lots of would-be writers striking out in search of publishing gold. And as happens with any kind of “gold rush” there are always those who will capitalize (or even prey) on the dreams of the neophyte.

The goal of this blog has always been to be a guiding light in a dark and uncharted world. Though we’ve come a long way in the past few years, there is still so much left to explore. Yet? Fads abound. The reason these fads continue to rook in writers is they did work for someone somewhere at some time

How to Create a Review Campaign for Your Book Launch

Let’s be honest for a minute.

Generating reviews can be tough. It’s not always easy asking strangers to help you out, which is why some authors resort to buying five-star Amazon reviews from sites like Although gaming the system this way could boost your sales rank and attract new readers, it also taints your success. It makes readers suspicious and damages your credibility. You only have to ask self-published authors like John Locke whose review scandal was compared to the likes of Lance Armstrong’s doping debacle when it eventually hit the headlines—and it did hit the headlines. With the illusion of truth broken, there may be no recovering from the fallout with readers—which just isn’t worth it.

Honest, authentic reviews are the result of connecting with readers and either exceeding or failing their expectations. Contrary to what some authors might believe, however, getting reviews isn’t a waiting game. What you need is a system to ensure you’re predictably and steadily bringing in reviews from the moment you hand out your first advance reader copy (ARC).

So, let’s get to it…

How to Start a Vlog and Start Vlogging on YouTube


How to Start a Vlog and Start Vlogging on YouTube

/ 57min ago

Do you want to start your first Vlog but don’t know where to start? Here we will share 15 steps to getting started as vlogger on youtube and earn money from it. We will show the simplest ways to start making money by vlogging and becoming popular on YouTube quickly. 

15 simple steps to create your own vlog on a YouTube channel.

Preparation for Vlogging

Before you start vlogging, you must have a general idea of what type of vlog you want to do. Having a detailed plan on the topics of those who are going to treat your videos is critical if you want to become successful as a vlogger

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How to Streamline Facebook Management and Promotion to Save Hours Everyday #h2e

Facebook is huge, we all know that by now. At 1.59 billion monthly active users and with a versatile and all-encompassing media output, from memes to videos and contests, every blog and business is, and should be, on Facebook.

In previous blogging systems posts, I’ve shared tools for streamlining your TwitterPinterestcontent creation and blogging management. Today we’re going to talk about how Facebook can eat a huge chunk of time. You open it in the morning and suddenly it’s after lunch

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How to hitch a ride on someone elses holiday to sell books via @jfbookman đź“š #how2ebook

I don’t gamble.

But if I did, I’d bet you 20 bucks that most authors reading this wouldn’t be willing to do what a gutsy, energetic indie author did this month.

She piggybacked onto another author’s special holiday and promoted it like crazy, as if it were her own.

The result?

She did an interview on Wisconsin Public Radio. She sold $143.20 worth of books at a Barnes & Noble book signing. She met a writer at the event who wants to hire her to edit his book. And she was invited to present a workshop later this month at a convention for business women.

That’s called momentum. It takes time and requires patience. But most of all, it takes courage to step far outside your comfort zone, something most authors who are introverts are loathe to do.

Meet grammar expert Kathleen Watson,

Despite What You Heard, The E-Book Market Never Stopped Growing 


Over the last year, we’ve been talking to writers like A.G. Riddle who have been making a more than comfortable living selling e-books directly to readers on Amazon. That’s why it’s always seemed a bit strange to see media accounts reporting on the shrinking market for e-books

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5 Expert Tips for Building Your Brand Advocacy Program 

Isn’t it great when people have nice things to say about your product?

It’s even better when they share these awesome reviews with other people. For free.

That’s what brand advocacy is all about—encouraging and empowering your customers to become champions for your brand. Social media is a great place to do that.

We’ve already talked about how to create an advocacy program for your brand. Now we dig a little deeper and ask Hootsuite’s own advocate marketing manager, Alicia Taggio, to give us her best tips for building brand advocacy on social media.

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