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Reminder Authors: Have you set up your February Promotion yet? Let us know in the comments!

I was sitting around staring at my Author’s Social Media Planner Book – really just staring at the outside of the planner wishing I’d decorated in a more fashionable¬†way.

I clicked on the Internet and found a lot of Valentine’s Day reminders were starting to pop off.

I decided right then and there to jump over to and put together a quick .png. I borrowed a book Lover day ad, copied it and then posted it in my Hootsuite and Buffer, plus scheduled it out in my Facebook page.


It’s not much, but enough to draw attention for lovers of romance.

This is the status message attached:

Fall in love over &over again for Valentine’s Day reading page turning Suspense Romance #booklover

In Hootsuite that schedules to my Facebook Profile, Twitter, Go.ogle Plus for Motown Writers (for the SEO) and Motown Writers Group, I schedule my post every three days from here on out starting on the 18th of January.

For Buffer, I just did one schedule Que’d post and then I jumped over to Facebook Page, which also posts to my Twitter to post every 5 days starting on the 20th

These will all run until February the 14th.

I might do a giveaway. Still thinking about it.

What are you doing for your February Campaign? Please share in the comments with your website to link to it.