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‘Serve More’: #FutureBook’s Bracing Message @PorterAnderson Media #repost #selfpub

As we head into the new year, there are things we should start to look forward to and as always anyone in the literary world should look to Porter Anderson for knowledge.

Check out the latest post on his site about the future of the book…

‘Serve More’: FutureBook’s Bracing Message

Speakers at the 2016 FutureBook Conference in London emphasized putting disruptive technology to work for book publishers and readers.The FutureBook Conference plenary room awaits its audience, December 2, at 155 Bishopsgate in London. Image: Porter AndersonThe FutureBook Conference plenary room awaits its audience, December 2, at 155 Bishopsgate in London. Image: Porter Anderson

By Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief | @Porter_Anderson

‘The New World Is Demand-Management’

A funny thing happened on the way to the future: the book didn’t get left behind, after all.

That’s a functional if simplistic interpretation of what the more-than 550 attendees at The Bookseller’s annual FutureBook Conference in London on Friday (December 2) found themselves hearing. Now deep into the digital shakedown, the industry seems to be coming to terms with an analog-plus-digital concept for the foreseeable future.

“People who succeed in this age will be those who marry digital and analog.” — Andrew Keen

The tone captured by Bookseller editor Philip Jones and his staff—several of whom, including Lisa Campbell and Sarah Shaffi, moderated sessions on Friday—points to an industry no less engaged in changing times than before, but less panicked at the prospect.

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[@IndiesUnlimited] Mailing Lists and Advanced Readers and Bookfunnel, Oh My! #repost

Mailing Lists and Advanced Readers and Bookfunnel, Oh My!

by Shawn Inmon

author email list building tipsIn my years as an Indie publisher, there have been a number of schools of thought as to what it took to be successful. In the salad days of 2012, the advice was, “Do a free run, then sit down and wait for the Brinks truck to back up with your money.” Those were good days, almost certainly too good to last. Since then, the advice has ranged from “write in a series and make the first book free” to “drive sales through Facebook ads,” to “use keywords and sharpened metadata to drive traffic.” Through it all, though, one thing has been constant: you need a mailing list.

The reason why is simple: You control how and when you access a mailing list, as opposed to investing everything into working the Amazon or social media algorithms. The problem with algorithms is, they change. What might be golden today can turn to lead tomorrow. A mailing list is yours forever, though, or at least until someone unsubscribes.

The key frustration I hear from most writers, though, is that it is awfully difficult to build a list into any kind of size that will deliver results. I feel your pain. Let’s look at the various ways to build a mailing list. Read more of this post

Watch “Finding Readers for Your Novel” on #HowToEbook

Need readers? Great video to listen to and pick up information.

Have you found an out of the box way to find readers?

What are your strategies?

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