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Authors Asked, Goodreads Listened: Kindle eBook Giveaways Are Here

 (Note, in the new year, Goodreads will be making this a paid program)

Indie authors have fought for years to be considered “real authors” by both the industry and the readers. While progress has certainly been made–namely in the fact that more and more readers don’t care how the book came about so long as it’s a great read–there are still a few holdouts where indie authors don’t garner the same respect or privileges that publishers and their authors can find.

How the Right Preorder Strategy Can Build a Book’s Platform

Preorders are a great way to earn money for a new book release before its launch date. I started the process for Gone Daddy Gone, the seventh novel in my Sloane Monroe mystery series, three months before its release. My goal was to promote the book enough to see consistent sales each day during the preorder period, and to build its platform early to hit the ground running after launch.

Pre-Launch Strategy

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.@Amazon KDP Print Now Offers Author Copies


Launched into a closed beta last summer, KDP Print is Amazon’s solution to all the indie authors that release ebooks but not print editions. It is a more limited version of Amazon’s POD service, Createspace, and it’s missing a lot of features.

Until today, one option it lacked was a way for authors to order copies of their POD books in wholesale volume. According to a number of reports on KBoards, Amazon has sent an email to authors announcing the new feature:

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Tech Tools for Authors #1

Authors have to juggle a lot of balls in today’s book industry. Not only do they have to write that next book, they also have to market it, balance the ledgers, woo their fans on social media, do background research on their next project, and make dinner.

With all this work piling up, everyone is always looking for ways to get more done in less time. The following post details a few online tools I use on a weekly basis to keep my head above water, plus one I really need to start using.

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15 Instagram Tips & Strategies To Grow Followers

Social media can be a huge time suck for authors seeking to promote a book, market their brand, and build a large following.  If you don’t do it, you injure your career and ability to get your message out, but when you tackle it you find yourself losing hours that could be used for writing or more effective marketing efforts.  But if you’re going to pursue social media, do it wisely and do it well!

Want to be an Instagram star?  Follow these 15 steps and strategies and you will grow your connections, increase book sales, and influence more people:

Book Marketing Magic: Quick Tips to Grab Holiday Sales and Sell More Books!

We all want to sell more books around Christmas, right? Whether it’s targeting Black Friday, Cyber Monday or the last-minute shoppers, this is one of the biggest times of the year for book sales and a great time to implement some fun and creative book marketing strategies! If you’re eager to capture some holiday sales but feel like you may have missed your window, take heart. There’s still time!

Countdown to the holidays. Sell more books this holiday season with these quick book marketing tips…
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It used to be that trying to capture the Christmas market and sell more books, without a lot of ramp up, was tough. But more and more that’s changing. Shoppers are waiting until the last-minute, both because they’re just busy and also because many consumers know that the best deals often happen in the days or the week before Christmas. If you’re eager and ready to sell more books, here are a few points to consider.

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5 Secrets to Creating a Better Author Website

By Mary

So much of writing is moving to the internet. Even authors need to have an online presence, and usually, this comes with a website and a blog. But how do you make your author website and blog interesting to readers and other people who may come across it? Having an engaging online presence can lead to new readers and more sales, so try incorporating a few of these ideas to create content for your website that will hook people and bring them in.

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25 Facebook Marketing Tips to Increase Sales

Facebook marketing whether it is a for a blogger, business, author or a musician must achieve the goals you have set out in your marketing strategy and plan.

The marketing strategy that you have created will keep you focused and on track otherwise you can be heading off  and engaged with all sorts of marketing tactics and activities that don’t achieve much but just keep you busy, distracted and scattered.

The Facebook page and the marketing activities you carry out on Facebook’s eco-system should be viewed as an extension of your blog. So tactics you maybe already doing on your blog can be enhanced and synergised by replicating some of those blogging platform activities on Facebook  that are relevant ad appropriate to the Facebook culture.

There are many goals you could set for yourself for your Facebook marketing.  Goals could include improving customer service, reducing traditional marketing costs, improving customer acquisition and optimizing your brand.

To keep it simple here are 3 core goals and 25 marketing tactics that you can action on your Facebook page that wil keep your blog growing and your business booming .

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Managing Your Blog On a Mobile Device News

Have you given the WordPress mobile apps a try lately? We’ve been working hard to make sure our iOS and Android apps are simple to use and have the features you need to blog right from your phone or tablet. Here are a few recent additions and updates that make blogging on the go easier:

Add Categories and Tags

Before publishing a blog post, you can add categories and tags right in the app’s post editor. To add categories and tags to a post in the iOS editor, tap the at the top right, then Options. On Android, tap the gear icon at the top right.

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Using Book Promotions Sites to Launch Your Book (podcast)

Episode 7: 

In today’s episode, we learn about book promotion sites, how they actually work, and how authors can use them in order to get their books to a large number of readers.  They can be a powerful tool for book launches, as well as a steady drip of sales over time. However, not all promotion sites…

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